Recently, I was asked by my friend for recommendations on ‘good witchy movies’. ‘Not like Harry Potter’ she said, ‘more like The Craft’. Now you should know a few things- like for starters, I’m a big fan of horror movies. Not a die hard ‘cut off a body part for a signed first run VHS of Sleepaway Camp’ kind of fan, but a fan nonetheless. And- I’m a Witch. (Totally spoopy right?) So it makes sense that I already balance a love of the fantastically edgy, sometimes gory, always thrilling- and the quietly ethereal, sometimes visceral, abundantly misunderstood and misrepresented.

The Crisishour team has absolutely not seen every movie that involves witchcraft or the occult – but with our heads combined we can safely say these four eyes have witnessed some pretty kick ass witchy flicks. Here’s our list of favorites.

  1. Practical Magic : Simply enchanting. Small New England family magic, a generational curse, the bond of sisters, and the power of love.
  2. The Witches of Eastwick : The cast alone is magic. Add in the rest and the universe dances.
  3. Eve’s Bayou : Beautiful Creole-Gothic tale with a brilliant cast, highlighting the power of women.
  4. Beautiful Creatures : Southern Gothic at its most lavish. Irresistibly charming and hypnotic at moments.
  5. Simply Irresistible : Magic that just is, born from emotion, is easy for anyone to understand. This movie has heart and makes Team Crisishour have the feels.

And just for fun- a handful of shows that give us a similar kind of joy :

Charmed (both old and new!), American Horror Story Coven, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Ghost Whisperer, and Supernatural.

Happy Witching Out Crisishour Cult!

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