Beary Bean Buddies™(Series 1 Cards)


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From the creative works of Jeremy Treece, the Beary Bean Buddies™ is a fictional licensed property created by the Beary Bean Company in Eastern Green featured in the comic 'I'm So Goth'. These bears are here to bring you zany comedic humor with just a little touch of darkness.

This 5 card set features the art of these Beary-utiful characters -

  • Beary the First
  • Blue Moon Chippy
  • Beary'd Treasure
  • Beary Gourdy
    and last but not least,
  • So Beary Goth

Along with the gorgeous full color art, the reverse side of each card has biographies AND statistics! So not only can you look at the amazingly designed character art (Designs are fictionally done by Susan Bitterman), but you can gain a deeper connection by learning a little more about your favorite buddy!

SKETCH CARDS! w/ art from the creator!

Randomly inserted in packs, is the chance† to own a little piece of original art in the form of a "Sketchy Bean Buddy"! These sketches are of the bears you will have learned from the set!

†You have a 6.66% chance of adopting one of these buddies for your own collection. 15/100

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