As you can clearly see- is lookin’ real swaggy these days.
Hop on up and let me tell you why.

Jeremy and I have always had these DIY, ‘I can tackle anything!’ feels- in regards to pretty much everything.
Its not easy to say- but the truth is that while we absolutely can tackle anything … we aren’t always the best choice for the job at hand.
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should – right? And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to.
Now, while we were working to be comfortable with this idea- we were struggling with trusting anyone else to put their dirty hands in our stuff.

Then we met John and Shay Hoffman. We liked their dirty hands.
We watched like creepy stalker birds from afar- not knowing the whole time- that we were also being watched. *OoooOOOOOoooo*
We explored their site – and then tumbled further onto
A special meeting was held, at a special time, in a special place …
A deal was struck!
Hands did shaking! (virtually …)
And the rest is history folks.

Okay, but for serious though.
Fusion Marketing has been a fuckin’ god-send.
We have struggled with our site(s) since the beginning of the beginning.
Fusion made it easy to update, easy to add merch, and easy to use.
We are beyond thankful.

So now that you’re here – poke around, and find out.
Mosey on through and give this site some sweet- sweet lovin’.
Go look at each and every page. ‘Cause they’re beautiful.
Read our About page! ( ‘Cause those bios are bangin’!)
Then go subscribe to the newsletter for all the updates and new product drops!
Oh oh! And the contact page! Y’know – for making contact.
And don’t forget the shop – because you deserve something pretty.

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