Okay, not really a reboot, but we are back online. We are working out the kinks little by little, and well, if we don’t beat it into submission, then we will just have to make do with our new station as a bottom.

If that first paragraph didn’t make you flinch at all, then welcome. You have found a home away from home, this is Crisishour, and we are here to accept the weirdly beautiful oddities that make us what we are. These two robot helpers will be your guide on this site, so if you need anything please use the Contact Page to disperse a message.

Meet CL:01-L154. –

Boss Lady Extrodinare.

Have Lisa write up a biography for her bad bot self.

& CH:02-CR1515. –

Creative Officer Supreme.

Have Jeremy do the same bang up job that Lisa did for the bio-thingie.