The days grow shorter- giving way to longer nights. The wind howls as the temperatures dip and rain falls from gloomy skies. Lanterns made of rotting flesh flicker within the shadows. Hordes of undead groan as they bathe in the viscera of their seasonal victim – Pumpkin Spice. It’s a gruesome season, truly the best.

And as August fades into September, ushering in the Fall of 2020 (what -too ominous?), Team Crisishour has flung open the doors of our shop! That’s right folks- we’re open for business!

We’ve got merch from Fearsome As The Night, I’m So Goth, Clawberry and Friends, Beary Bean Buddies, and more! My favorite item happens to be our new ‘We’ve Got Issues’ Crisishour brand shirt! I got mine in size XL’LENT! But don’t worry – we’ve got them in SMOL if you need. 😉

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