Lisa is a poet, storyteller, speculative fiction writer, and singer-songwriter with a passion for nature, food, and all things strange.

She’s seen publication with the Detroit Free Press, Daily Detroit, LVP Publications, and more.

Lisa is the in house writer, editor, communications expert, and voice of omniscience for Crisishour. She is the author of ‘Fearsome As The Night’, ‘Clawberry : Tales From The Compost’, ‘Birds of Paradise’, and the upcoming fantasy/horror comic ‘Seeds of Mourning’.


Jeremy is an EEK-centric artist and storyteller that loves to challenge the norm and distort perception.

He’s been published with Marvel Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, and Speakeasy.

Jeremy is the house illustrator, chief creative officer, and ‘harbinger of the simply complicated’ for Crisishour.

He is the illustrator of all Crisishour books and also the author of ‘I’m So Goth’ and ‘Worth’.

Recent News

New Release! “Worth” is available for preorder!

It's NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Are you all as EXCITED as we are!? We just put in the order for the first print run of "Worth", and to celebrate this enormous accomplishment... we have opened up preorders for the new book! [*throws confetti all over the place*] ‘Worth’...

Team Crisishour : Favorite Witchy Flicks

Recently, I was asked by my friend for recommendations on 'good witchy movies'. 'Not like Harry Potter' she said, 'more like The Craft'. Now you should know a few things- like for starters, I'm a big fan of horror movies. Not a die hard 'cut off a body part for a...

‘On The Road With Crisishour’ : Episode One?

A rambling conversation is had by Jeremy and Lisa as they drive through Flint in search of lunch. While cruising around, the chat sparks an idea of who just might answer their question. Please enjoy the shenanigans. Shame on you for thinking this is Flint. 😛